About Evan Harris

Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon since 1997

Dr Evan Harris (born in Sheffield, 21st October 1965) is the second son of South African immigrants disillusioned with the apartheid regime. He was educated at Blue Coat Secondary School, Liverpool. After a year at Harvard High School in North Hollywood, he went to Wadham College, Oxford in 1985 to study physiological sciences (BA), and then medicine at Oxford University Clinical School from where he qualified as a doctor in 1991.

He trained in emergency hospital medicine in Liverpool and at the Oxford Radcliffe HospitalIn 1994 he took up an honorary public health registrar post with the Regional Health Authority, as the medical officer to the Task Force on Junior Doctors’ Hours charged with implementing the “New Deal” to reduce the long and unsafe hours worked by junior doctors.

An active trade unionist, Evan was local BMA representative and negotiator from 1992-1994, and was then elected to represent doctors in the Region on the National Council of the BMA.

He was selected to fight Oxford West and Abingdon for the Liberal Democrats in 1994. Following his election in 1997, he was a junior health spokesman, then spokesman on Higher Education, Science and Women’s Issues.

Following his re-election in 2001 he was appointed the Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Health. He stood down in 2003 for personal reasons, after his partner was diagnosed with a serious form of cancer.

Evan has a long-standing interest and campaigning record in anti-racism and refugee rights. He served on Oxford’s local research ethics committee, and is active in medical ethics and civil liberties issues. He has worked as a trained HIV/AIDS counsellor in Oxford, and is Honorary President of the Liberal Democrat Campaign for Lesbian and Gay Rights (DELGA), as well as being a vice-president of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA). He is a member of the Oxford Diocesan Board of Social Responsibility and an honorary associate of the National Secular Society.

Interests include bridge, chess, and squash.