For the rest of the world who live in nations other than the UK, the ministerial elections that take place in the UK are a tough nut to crack. Nobody can give you a clear and politically explanation as to how a government is formed and what type of government they are trying to frame. When a tonne of us find it difficult to adapt the political scenarios in our very own country, understanding the political stand of another country can be difficult. So today we are going to rubbish this fact and understand the way in which the parliament functions in the UK and the way in which MPs are elected in the UK.

How Mps are Elected in the UK

How the parliament functions in the UK?

Before we move any further, it is also important that we understand as to how the parliament functions in the UK government. The duties of the parliamentarians are classified under four major heads and the scrutiny, debate, legislation and finance. Within these four heads are the duties of the members of the parliament listed. Though the signing authorities differ, it is in the hands of the MPs the government functions, and there is law and order maintained in the nation.

Three main sectors form the base of the parliament, or in other words, the members of the parliament are classified under three different heads. The commons, the House of the lords and the monarchy are the three heads under which the inmates of the house are classified. Needless to say, Britain is ruled by the monarchs, that is, the kings and the queen of the royal family. From the day we adopted the rules of democracy the parliament came into existence. Depending on the activities the, different members will play a major role. So here are some of the things that you have to know about the election procedure.

Staging of the elections:

Just like any other country the government of United Kingdom is built up of constituencies in the UK government, and they are 650 areas in total. There will be a list of members who are looking forward to being a part of the elections and compete for the MP seat of that particular area. An election to choose the MP will be conducted once in every 5 years, and they will run the show.

Out of the members who contested the one who wins the election will be the MP of that locality. So a total of 650 members will get into to parliament. And, of course, there are by-elections that will be conducted when the tenure of the elected MP ceases to exist either due to death or retirement.

In must also be remembered that the members are from England, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland. Though these are special constitutional bodies and have national assemblies and parliaments of their own, they make it to the parliament. However, if they have had separate elections conducted they will not be members of the UK parliament.


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